How to Use Landscaping Rocks

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How to Use Landscaping RocksAdding rocks to your landscape can definitely add an aesthetic appeal, but they can also be a practical addition too. You can use landscaping rocks to brighten a shady garden or to add texture to a flower bed. Here are a few tips on how to use these rocks to your landscaping’s best advantage.

First off, remember that choosing the right landscaping rocks for your yard is important. You can use white rocks to brighten areas that don’t get a lot of sun, or you can use landscaping rocks to complement what is already in your garden. For example, for gardens that incorporate a lot of tropical flowers, you could consider using terra cotta stones to give it more of that island feel. If you’re going for a more minimal look and feel, you might consider black landscaping rocks. Make sure you have a look or theme in mind when choosing what stones to use.

One more thing to keep in mind: whatever color or style you choose, make sure you like it. You’re going to have to live with it for many years

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Home Staging Outdoor Decorating Tips

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Home Staging Outdoor Decorating TipsTo help you with that, I decided to write this article and give you some outdoor decorating tips that you could help you in your home staging outdoor.

– First and foremost, you have to make use of what you know about designing; use your imagination when it comes to outdoor decorating. Here, you have to visualize your entire yard and its each part as if it is divided into different rooms. You can use a gazebo to measure the area of each room.

– As you are visualizing your entire yard, identify what will be the use of it and then start your backyard plan. For example, if you enjoy eating outside, you can add a table and chairs, but make sure that the table and chairs that you will be adding on will go with the total style and design of the home. Perhaps you and your family enjoys playing games such as badminton. You can add a badminton net stands so you can easily hang the net whenever you and your family feel like playing. You have to think about how

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Create an Outdoor Seating Area in Your Garden

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Create an Outdoor Seating Area in Your GardenSummer days and nights are great for enjoying the outdoors. The best way to enjoy the summer is by using your outdoor seating area in your garden. Whether it is in the back or front yard, your garden will always look wonderful with a comfortable seating area. Part of the fun is to be part of nature and enjoying it in a comfortable area.

Whether you have old chairs, new chairs, white or black, it should always be comfortable. If you don’t have a lot of chairs that are the same design, you can mix and match the ones you have to create an eclectic theme. Choose weatherproof furniture to create a welcoming outdoor seating area that can withstand the weather. You can add an amazing outdoor kitchen which incorporates the sink and a braai area. Enhance your outdoor experience by using different kinds of materials and fabrics to create a place of tranquility and peace. Together with this, an all-white crisp, clean and cool seating area can create the power of serenity in your garden.

You can create your own

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Tips For Creating a Yard Sign Color Scheme

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Choosing colors for any signage is a fun but sometimes challenging endeavor. Color is strongly-tied to perception, so it’s important to choose a look that conveys the right message and connects with the viewer. In addition, your color scheme should be consistent with the overall look and feel of your business. So how do you connect the two (consumer and business)? Here’s a guide to choosing your lawn sign colors.

Contrast within the design-Readability should be your number one priority. A personalized yard sign offers unlimited color combinations, but you always want to make sure the viewer is able to read your message and process what it says. The most-important design tip to remember is to always create color contrast within the elements of your design. This means that if your text is dark, the background of your lawn sign should be as light as possible. If you’d prefer a darker background, make your text light. The more-contrast, the more the text “pops” off of the sign, making it easier-to-read. While similarly-toned colors may look attractive, readability will be a major concern.

Contrast with surroundings-Another type of contrast you’ll want to consider is how your

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Getting the Best Landscape Architecture Design for Outdoor Space

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These days, people want a perfect kind of outdoor space that is warm and attractive. No matter, how well the interior of a house be designed, only a good landscape design would provide for the stunning kind of outlook to your house. Over the years, landscape architecture has received widespread attention and people are looking at it as an important part of the construction process. Landscape architecture is about designing of outdoor areas, structures and landmarks that add to the aesthetics of a place. Now, people are making use of landscape architecture in design and construction of residential spaces.

A right kind of landscape architecture design has got the ability to convert even an ordinary outdoor space into something extraordinary and spectacular. If you are looking to create an attractive outdoor space then the best thing to do would be to check out for various designs online and then finalize the one that best matches up with your requirements. A good outdoor space would definitely garner great deal of attention from visitors. Here are some things that you can implement in your outdoor space design:

Go Green

One of the most common yet most powerful

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Basics of a Healthy Yard and a Healthy Mind

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Not everyone knows the importance of a well landscaped yard. Good landscaping, plays a bigger role in your mental health. It also helps to facilitate social networking in our neighborhoods. Your home is something to be proud of. When you come home to a beautiful yard, the mind gets uplifted and your happiness increases. Your neighbors will see your yard more than they will see you. This makes your yard an important part of your social image. With a well landscaped yard people will respect you more and have a higher opinion of you. Landscaping the yard gives you reason to be outside. In this time neighbors will talk to you and friendships can be formed.

With all the benefits of a well landscaped yard you many be thinking, “How do I achieve such a yard?” Here are some tips to make this reality.

The first step is to start with a good base. It is important to have rich top soil. This is one of the hardest steps. Rich soil is hard to buy. If you have rich soil to start with you are lucky. Good soil takes time but is worth it in the

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Tips for Building Your Own Bird Houses

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If you are enthusiastic about animals, especially birds, or just want to decorate your garden, constructing a bird house tends to make an incredible craft project for the afternoon, nest boxes are simple to build and a lot of fun watching over the spring and summer when birds are raising their babies. A basic bird house can be completed in several hours and with a very little budget.

For blue birds and their young, a nest box makes not only a perfect area for nesting, but it also provides a place to locate easily food.

Measurements always matters because the box proportions and its entrance hole size should be considered to provide accommodations to our choice of the bird kinds.

Bird house Construction Advices:

  • Use galvanized nails with wood screws or spiral shank.
  • Do not use pressure-treated wood.
  • Use a rough-sawn lumber, 1″ thick is recommended (at least ½”) to isolate the nest box from the temperature; cedar will be a good choice.
  • Allow ventilation by making an opening between the roof and sides or holes in the top.
  • Holes in the bottom for drainage.
  • Do not paint the box inside, instead paint the roof with a light color

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How to Conserve Water in Your Yard

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Figuring out how to conserve water in your yard is becoming increasingly more important, especially as the demand and price of water has started to increase in some areas of the country. As water shortages, lack or rain, water restrictions, and rapid building and development lead to more and more demand for water water conservation is becoming more and more important. Here are a few tips to conserve water in your yard that you can use to help fight this growing trend.

1. Use sprinklers in the morning to minimize evaporation and the need to re- water Cool soil will also absorb water more effectively than harder, dryer soil.

2. Use large water drops when you use your sprinkler. They’ll soak into the lawn easier so that there’s less evaporation.

3. Killing fast growing weeds early will help you to conserve water They can require more water or even rob your plants and grass of water requiring you to water more often.

4. Drywells are one of the newer water conservation tips. Install drywells in low spots of your lawn to capture run-off water for recycling.

5. Capture rainwater in a bucket, jar,

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Installing a Fish Pond in Your Back Yard

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Clearly, the addition of a backyard fish pond will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping. It will also provide your entire family with the opportunity to relax in a tranquil atmosphere. However, constructing, installing and maintaining a backyard pond is not as easy as you might think. They actually require a great deal of planning, effort and money. This makes it essential for you to think everything through before you decide to install your own. You can’t just install if and then ignore it afterward. Much like a hobby, you must work on it regularly because they require periodic maintenance. The tips below can help you install a do-it-yourself fish pond in your back yard.

Tip No. 1: Use a plastic fish pond liner. You need to divide or separate your fish pond from the soil that surrounds it. Plastic liners, especially those made of PVC, are the most effective barriers. A pond liner will prevent your fish, aquatic plants and other contents from escaping. The liner also prevents soil and other foreign substances from entering your pond. Pond maintenance and cleaning will be much easier when you use a pond liner, because the only mess

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Small Yard Landscaping Tips

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One issue you may run into as a landscaper or someone trying to landscape their own yard is if the yard is too small, you’ll run into problems trying to figure out how to fill it. Many times it’ll seem like everything you add makes it even smaller.

So here are some tips for landscaping a small yard.

When an area is very small, such as an atrium, the first decision is whether or not it’s only to look at or if it can be used for dining, entertaining, or lounging. If you have two small areas, one can be devoted entirely to planting and the other for outdoor activities. If designed right, the space can turn out to be very welcoming and comfortable.

Using container plants, espaliers, vines, and hanging baskets are good ways of getting the maximum of greenery out of a small space. Dwarf shrubs like Wheelers dwarf tobira, compact nandina, red elf pyrocantha are great for small beds. Narrow upright plants like horsetail, foxtail fern, and cannas look great up against a coutyard wall.

Plants that are miniature versions of larger plants help achieve spacious quality.

A large shrub

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Tips to Help You Design Your Custom Garage Door

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A custom garage door is the only way that you will be able to have the perfect garage door for your home. Customize the door of your garage to suit your style and your needs. Here are a few tips to help you design your customized unit:

Tip 1: Who will design your garage doors?

Most door companies will accept custom designs provided by their customer. You have to choose whether you will make the design yourself or ask an architect to come up with a design for you. You can also choose from the existing designs for custom doors that you company will most likely have.

Tip 2: Decide what material or materials will be used.

The material of any unit is an important thing to think about. You have to be careful in choosing your materials because it will affect the look and performance of the door of your garage.

Tip 3: What added features would you like your custom unit to have?

You have to think about how you want your garage door to perform. Do you want to go old school and stick to the manual opening or

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How to Organize Your Garage

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Whether you can’t fit your car in the garage or you can’t find your car in the garage, either of these can cause problems. First off, let’s face it, cars aren’t cheap and having to go buy another one because you can’t find yours in the garage is a bit embarrassing, not to mention expensive. Secondly, if you can’t get your car into the garage because of the clutter, then you and your car and anything that you have in your car has to suffer through the heat, cold, wind, rain, snow, sleet, ice and other natural disasters while your clutter sits nice and comfortably in your garage. It just doesn’t sound fair. I know life isn’t always fair, but you should at least be able to put your car in the garage. In order to find a way to do just that, let’s learn how to organize your garage.

I have been in my share of garages, some were so full that you couldn’t turn around without falling over something, some were completely empty (ok, it was a house that had just been built), and then there is my dad’s garage. He has an amazing garage.

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Residential Garage Door Safety Tips

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Garage door safety is serious business. Although you may not think about it often, your garage door is the largest, heaviest moving part in or around your home. Understanding your equipment and its proper operation is crucial, as is teaching children the importance of garage door safety. An experienced maintenance and repair service is also critical to keeping your system in good working order. Read on for some important safety tips to use at home.

Become Familiar with Your Equipment and Test Regularly

Whether you installed your garage door equipment yourself or it was already in your home when you purchased it, the first step is to familiarize yourself with its components and their proper operation. Start by reading your owner’s manual, reviewing each part of the door system visually as you go and testing it according to the directions. Locate the emergency release latch and ensure that you can operate it correctly. Instruct your family members in this procedure as well, and have them take turns demonstrating their competency in using it. Once each month, test the reversing function and visually inspect all sprints, rollers, cables, track and hardware. Finally, keep your manual and service

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Tips For Clearing Clutter in the Garage

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Did winter take its toll on your garage? It is so cold where we live that no one wants to go out to the storage room to put things away when it is freezing outside so things are just put in the garage to be taken to the storage room later. Now it is spring so it is time to clear clutter in the garage again. Here are 10 tips on how to clear clutter in your garage:

The first thing to clearing clutter from your garage is to decide what you want your garage to be used for. Do you want space to park your car? Do you want to set up a workbench area? Will you need storage for gardening supplies? Do you use this area to store seasonal yard art?

After deciding how you want to use your garage let’s get started on clearing clutter. Be sure to wear casual to grungy clothes because this can be a dirty job. Get a pair of gloves to wear. Cotton is nice as your hands don’t get as hot and they protect your hands from dirt and you can pick up anything without saying, “yuck,

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Create Outdoor Areas on a Budget

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If you are pressed for cash this summer yet you still want to entertain company, don’t panic about the cost. You can start with a blank slate and end up with a terrific outdoor oasis for less than you realize. There are tricks and tips to finding perfect outdoor items for less. The below information will show you how to utilize items around your home as well as give you ideas on how to make your own accessories.

Find a Focal Point

First, think about the ideal spot in your yard. It is that one area that already has a great focal point. Maybe you have a beautiful blooming tree or flower garden that provides some color to the eye. You could be one of the lucky ones that has a great view. This is where you’ll want to start.

If you don’t have a special focal area then you can create one. Fire pits are perfect focal points. There are so many styles to choose from and they are reasonably priced. Water fixtures are another great way to add ambiance and beauty to an outdoor setting. Although they can be pricey, you can actually

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Teak Outdoor Furniture Tips Plan and Plant Now

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Are you starting to think about all the ways you want to decorate your backyard this spring? You may already have a list of flowers, shrubs, trees and other plants that you want in the backyard. You may also have the perfect set of furniture in mind to enjoy that space. For many people teak outdoor furniture is the way to go. This is a wise choice as well as teak is not only attractive but also very durable in the backyard.

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start planning and shopping so you can have that perfect outdoor area ready to go when spring arrives.

Space Planning

The first thing you need to do is plan the space for your outdoor entertaining area. What all are you going to want here? How many people does it need to seat? Which plants do you want a better view of? There are a lot of things to keep in mind as you plan this space.

One of the easiest ways of going about this is by actually drawing a floor plan of your outdoor entertaining area. If you have a craft paper,

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Simple Ideas to Improve the Outdoor Areas of Your Home

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Your home’s exterior is one part of the home that gets noticed first. Therefore, it is only practical and logical to invest money to improve your home’s landscaping to make your home’s outdoor areas visually appealing. Adding an outdoor sofa, a garden fountain and other accessories will make a great improvement on your property. Most people just make sure to take care of the interior of their homes and neglect the outdoor areas without realizing that this also affects the value of the property. It is not only just about leaving good impressions to your guests and neighbors but also about improving your lifestyle and deterring burglars from targeting your home. A home that looks neglected, with unkempt shrubs and bushes will only attract burglars to your place.

People spend most of their time shut indoors. But by improving your outdoor living areas, you might choose to spend more time outdoors and make them your favorite hang-out spots especially when the weather is nice. You can lounge in a comfortable outdoor chair reading a good book while enjoying the cool breeze outdoors. You can also turn the area into a place for recreation where you can chill

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Which Paving Stones Will Be Suitable for Your Garden

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You can create a garden that looks like a perfect picture or a fairy tale scene. There are endless possibilities on how to decorate your garden with the right paving stone. Your perfect garden can be created by selecting the best paving stones that will fit not only your garden but your pocket too. Decorating a garden can both be easy and fun if you plan it correctly beforehand. Planning is essential since there are many ways to adapt a garden.

Paving stones vary in colour, size, shape, and weight. The options available include cobblestones, flagstones, cladding and copings. When paving your garden ensure that you have the correct equipment and tools. If you aren’t able to do it yourself, then get a professional brick layer or a landscaper to assist you.

There are many paving stone designs available for your driveway, walkway or pathway. For this application, paving tiles are ideal as they are large squares that can be placed along the walkway or driveway. Grooming all pathways in the garden with paving tiles will create a smooth walkway for you and your guests.

If you have a small garden and would like

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Benefits of Utility Vehicles for Landscaping

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If you have a landscaping business, apart from having the right manpower to make plans for decoration and allowing them to use various accessories for the beautification, there are several other aspects that you need to look into. The significant element is the utility vehicles that are often used for landscaping purposes. Carrying around essentials to the designated place, removal of debris, removal of extra soil and grass, etc. is a part of the landscaping duties that every business of its type has to undertake.

It depends on your capabilities to either purchase utility vehicles for your use or hire them from rental services as and when required. Hiring a utility vehicle for the time span that you require it for may sometimes turn costly for you. You may have to spend several days to complete the client’s project and hiring one on a daily basis and paying for the insurance for it would end up being heavy for your pocket. While you are in double minds while making purchases for utility vehicles for your business, here are a few benefits that it has to provide.

• Can be operated by anyone – They are user-friendly

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Exploring the Types of Tubular Fencing

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Tubular fencing is a widespread option for landscaping, property marking, décor, and more. They are available from the fencing manufacturer in various shapes that include square, round, rectangular, etc. The material often used is wrought iron, but you can find other options such as stainless steel, standard steel, and aluminum. As you can see, tubular fencing has many options when it comes to style, appearance, and use. Here is more information on tubular fencing options.

Tube Fence Materials

Aluminum tube fences are a popular option because they will not rust or corrode like standard metal. However, standard metal provides added strength and stability. Aluminum is more prone to dents and dings. They can also bend easier. But that all depends on how they are made and how thick they are.

Another option for tubular fences is wrought iron. Although this material is a form of iron, it is prone to snapping and breaking, depending on its construction. It can also rust and corrode, but the rusting is a slower process due to lack of carbon and sulfur. Wrought iron fencing is easily available and a cost-efficient option. It can be painted to any color you

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